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Eyelash In Eye? OK, it is highly probable that the reason you are on this website right now is either because there is an eyelash stuck in your eye right now or you have weak eyelashes that fall easily and you know that you will get one in there soon so you’re making plans.

Well, you probably know how much it hurts when there is an eyelash in eye or a piece of hair falls inside the eye, but more importantly, how annoying it is when you know it’s in there and you couldn’t get it out in the first 5 seconds. Sometimes it is more annoying to have an eyelash in eye than it actually hurts.

I don’t know about you, but I faced this problem for so long and the weird thing is, there is NO 1 method that works for me, every time I get it out, it’s a completely different method.

This happened so much and I know how annoying it is that I decided to create a website just for that topic, so I can help others in the same situation and so that this website becomes a pool of ideas so we can be fully prepared when any of us falls in this situation.

Below you will find an in-depth list of ideas of what you can do when you have an eyelash in eye.

Eyelash In Eye? Try The Following Methods:

Method 1 – Wash, Wash and more Wash:

You can try splashing some water in your eye (make sure it’s clean pure water or it could damage your eye) or use an eyewash station, and once your eye gets watery try grabbing the eyelash gently.

If you are not comfortable putting your finger this close to your eye, you can try moving they eyelash from the outside and move it towards the corner of your eye close to your nose where you can grab it.

Method 2 – Keep Winking:

This is preferably used after your eye is completely wet that way the eyelash can move easily inside your eye, at that point, just keep winking until a small part of the eyelash becomes easy to grab, this method could make things more difficult though because it can make the eyelash go deeper.

So the way to do this is by winking a few times first then examining where the eyelash have moved to, if it is moving towards the outside or the corner of the eye then keep doing it, if it goes deeper after the first few winks, then stop and try a different method.

Method 3 – Pinch and Squeeze:

This method can be used anytime you have an eyelash in eye and can see a part of the eyelash sticking out and you’re afraid to touch it or it might go deeper (trying to grab it using 2 fingers is the best but if you can’t then proceed with this method).

All you have to do is close your eyes tightly and then hold all your eyelashes and pull down little by little so you don’t ruin your eyelashes but at the same time if you grab a little part of the eyelash inside your eye then you can get it out.

Method 4 – Get A Blower:

Get an adult family member or someone you really trust and lie down on the floor (or couch, just easier for the person blowing to see your eye from all angles that way) and have them blow inside your eye targeting the location where the eyelash is inside your eye.

Make sure they understand that the blow has to be completely dry, the whole point is to try and let the air carry out the eyelash, if the blow is wet (by spit, disgusting I know but hey your desperate) then this will make the eyelash stay in there longer.

Note: Having someone blow in your eye can cause Inflammation to the eye, not a very good idea unless you are very desperate and in a lot of pain.

Method 5 – Eyelid Flip:

You must understand how this method works so you can apply it properly when you have an eyelash in eye. The eyelash is either stuck to the inside of your eyelid or it is on your eyeball.

The idea behind this method to get the eyelash to stick to your eyelid and then flip your eyelid real fast hoping that the eyelash will detach in the flip, so all you have to do is pinch they outside of your eyelid to try and get the eyelash to separate from your eyeball and stick to your eyelid then flip your eyelid real quick to force the eyelash to fall during the flip (proceed this method with utmost care).

Method 6 – Pull Top Eyelid Over Bottom Eyelid:

This method requires some skill, basically if your eyelash is stuck on your upper eyelid, then by taking your upper eyelid and pulling it on top of your bottom eyelid will force the eyelash through friction to get stuck on the outside of your bottom eyelid.

This method however is not that easy to apply and you should be very careful not to pull your eyelid down too much, don’t use this method for anything else except for when you have an eyelash in eye.

Method 7 – Poke It With Your Finger:

If you are brave enough and can control your blinking, try to poke the eyelash gently with your finger, in most cases the eyelash will stick to your finger.

Method 8 – A Wet Q-Tip:

This is one of my favorite methods and it’s pretty easy to apply when you have an eyelash in eye.

Get a clean Q-tip and moisten it in eye drops that way the q-tip can disinfect any infections your eye might have caught during that struggle and gently get closer to the eyelash until you touch it with the q-tip, chances are it will stick to the q-tip and your nightmare will be over.

Method 9 – Use A Cotton Ball:

If you can feel the eyelash but you can’t see it, then get a clean ball of cotton and dip it in lukewarm tea and then gently rub your eye towards the corner closet to your nose, chances are that the eyelash will move towards the corner then gets stuck to the cotton ball.

Method 10 – Use A Normal Dry Tissue:

Get a clean tissue and try to shape it like a box and use its corner to touch the eyelash with, this will cause the eyelash to dry and hence detach from the eyeball to find nowhere to go but right into your tissue.

Method 11 – Insert Contacts And Then Take Them Out:

Some people reported that by inserting a contact in your eye, has helped making the eyelash detach from your eyeball and attach to your contacts.

Of course to try this method you must first be a contacts user and to know how to insert and remove contacts form your eyes.

Method 12 – Dip Your Face Into A Bowl:

That’s right, get a big bowl and fill it with pure clean mineral water, then dip your face into the bowl and make sure the water is in contact with your face, if your face cant reach the water then fill the bowl with more water.

After that just open and close your eyes for a bit (while dipped in the water) and the eyelash will drop in the water.

The above methods are a good start but they are not complete yet, only you can complete them by listing what works for you in the comments below and we will add your methods to the list, doesn’t have to be about eyelash in eye only, it can be about anything else in your eye.

At Eyelash In Eye.COM we are committed to bringing you the latest methods/ways of removing an eyelash in eye.

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